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Safe, Reliable, Modern.


  • Elevator downtime is harming the operation of your building.

  • Costly repair eat into your budget.

  • Facility visitors are frustrated by long wait times.

  • Your Elevator is fondly described as "vintage".'s probably time to modernize.​

Ready to modernize your elevator?


Elevated Technologies designs modernization strategies to fit each client's unique needs, whether its a complete or phased modernization. Our team works alongside facility managers to design a schedule that mitigates disruptions to building operations and patrons. We complete projects on time and on budget.

Modernizing your elevators will lead to more efficient facility operations and a faster, safer commute for users. Operational efficiencies are a result of:

  • Increased reliability of all units.

  • Lower energy usage.

  • Even distribution of passengers between cars.

  • System redundancy to maintain operations when one car is out of service.

The riding public will benefit from:

  • Shorter wait times.

  • Shorter travel times.

  • Increased ride comfort.

  • Efficient car leveling at floor stops.

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