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Safe, Reliable Elevator Equipment, Serviced With Integrity By Our NEIEP Certified Technicians


For safe and efficient operation, elevators must be maintained routinely and thoroughly. Elevated Technologies customizes maintenance programs to our clients' specific buildings. We clearly communicate every step of the plan with the facility manager, and execute it with integrity.

Avoid Violations and Correction Orders!


Improperly maintained elevators increase risks and facility operating costs for conscientious facility managers in every multi-story building. They represent a life safety concern for the riding public and facility staff. Improper or deferred maintenance leads to: 

  • System faults and failures which increases repair costs and decreases the lifespan of vital elevator components.

  • Increased safety hazards, risks of injury, and entrapment for the riding public.

  • Phones malfunctioning during an entrapment.

  • Tripping hazards caused by the elevator not leveling properly upon arrival.

  • Slow emergency response times as a result of fire service recall malfunctioning. This can also increases risk for emergency response personnel.

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