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From initial design to equipment installation, modernization, service, and repair – rely on Elevated Technologies, Inc. We will work with you to design custom, non-proprietary elevator solutions to fit your building’s unique needs. Supporting American Made.


  • Elevated Technologies, Inc. has a 0.95 EMR rating and zero repeat or willful OSHA reportable incidents in over five years with 150,000 labor hours.

  • Through our unparalleled customer service, unmatched response times, and unrivaled integrity, we proudly maintain a customer retention rate of more than 99%.

  • As a destination employer, ETI hires the top IUEC mechanics in every local, ensuring the highest quality of service for our customers.

Agencies We Work With


"I have over 20 service contracts as a COR at this facility, Elevated Technologies is by far the best contractor I have to deal with, their work is done, their paperwork is done, our elevators run very consistently and the down time is minimalized to almost non-existent."


"I would like to say that ETI has been the best elevator company we have contracted with in my 24 years here. The service and timeliness of repairs has far exceeded other vendors who have performed maintenance on our elevators in the past."


Our Story

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